gets customer service!

I live in an expensive neighborhood. Because of that or in spite of that, a lot of packages go missing from my building’s package room. The only mail thief that was caught over the last 16 years was a tweaker who had stolen a master key to the mailboxes. I usually send packages to my office.

My father-in-law’s 85th birthday was last weekend, and I ordered some cigars from to take to the party. I didn’t have them shipped to my office for some reason that I can’t remember now. They were stolen within minutes after arriving in the package room.

Sometimes stores use their packaging as marketing, so I asked CigarPage whether they label their packages as cigars, and suggested that they might not want to do that. Clearly they are the least culpable party here. The thief is a thief, I didn’t have the package shipped to a safer address, and CigarPage may have made the contents of the package obvious. That’s way down the list in my book.

And yet, they are re-sending the order (to my office this time; I try to learn from my mistakes). On their dime.

That’s pretty amazing. They should be proud of their service, and you should buy from them if you like cigars. is part of a collection of stores that are run by BrandShopper Stores. seems to be their flagship store, but I can’t find an authoritative list of their sites. The same customer service group serves all of their stores as far as I can tell.